The Last Stand
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Verdict: See It!     
Aaron's Review
The Last Stand is the first time Arnold Schwarzenegger has had a lead role in a film in ten years, but it's a nice return. there was a lot of hootin' and hollerin' during my screening of this film (from other critics and regular audience members alike) and I can't say that this did not help me to have more fun with it. The Last Stand is a lot of fun and solid all around. The film is certainly in the realm of B-movie fluff, but I admire that the film does not try to hide that fact, and in January, that is all I really want from the dead zone of new film releases. It may not be top tier Schwarzenegger for me, not rising high enough to join the ranks of films like Terminator 1 and 2 or Predator, but it does sit on the same tier of films like Commando or Eraser. It is an enjoyable mix of fun action filmmaking on display, combined with the returning screen presence of Arnold, who has almost always been fun to watch. Yes he is older and slower, but he said he'd be back and this time out, he delivered.


Liz's Review
The Last Stand is a film where, like the Expendables, it works if you bring with it a sense of humor and a desire to see older goofy superstars shoot and kill a lot of people. The exposition of the script is actually really clear and well structured, and the film is filled with A-level actors (Forest Whitaker, Luis Guzman). However, the film is also filled with vapid surface performances from the rest of the cast as well as really goofy jokes and set pieces. The philosophy of the film is one that supports violence as the only way to solve problems. This is a popcorn film. However, it absolutely delivers on what it sets out to do. Though the film has a lot of foibles that degrade its quality, it also has a self of humor about itself. This film will entertain, and it took the time, with its script, to set up the most valuable part of the film: the "last stand."


Sean's Review
Arnold's back! After nearly a ten year absence from leading roles (a few cameos here and there) Schwarzenegger stars in The Last Stand, a fairly run-of-the-mill action film for much of its length. Schwarzenegger plays Ray Owens, a small-town sheriff whose town comes under attack from a drug kingpin who tries to utilize Sommerton Junction, Arizona, a border town, as a crossing over point into Mexico. The first hour of the film is less than stellar, with a pretty typical story about a captive of the FBI who stages an escape and then leads the feds on a chase toward the border. The villain (Eduardo Noriega) is boring, Forest Whitaker is wasted, and Genesis Rodriguez and second-billed Johnny Knoxville are barely in the picture, though when Knoxville becomes integral to the plot, it does get to be a lot of fun. The film kicks into high gear in its last act, which sees Owens and his deputies take on the villains in spectacular fashion, including a lot of great one-liners and high octane action, including a fun, unique car chase through a cornfield, and a great cast of characters that populate the town. It takes a bit to get there, though, making this a decent excursion that's best worth checking out at home.